“Heart and Part” Stories of the RBM Team

RBM is growing!

As I reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness, my mind starts thinking about the people He has surrounded me with.

So, I wanted to have them share about their heart toward the Lord and those who are hurting as well as their part at Rebecca Bender Ministries. This will be a series that I am calling, “Heart and Part”; Stories of the RBM Team.  To start off, I want you to meet Tracey Moss. She is our Prayer Team Director, and has a blog called “Potential Ponderings“. 

Here is her story;

My name is Tracey Moss. I am the Prayer Team Director here at RBM.  My husband Henry and I recently celebrated our 18th anniversary this August.  I worked as a Direct Care Professional for adults with mental and physical disabilities at an activity center. I loved my job! I was paid to support,  bless, and love on  amazing  people. Truth be told I would of done it for free. I also have a passion for Interior Design and have taken classes towards my degree. I would still be currently pursuing both of these passions if it wasn’t for the goodness of the Lord!.. After 17 yrs of infertility, on July 26, 2012 our adopted daughter Amelia was born and put directly into my arms! After waiting so long to be a mommy, I wanted to treasure every moment of these precious first years. I am blessed to have the ability to stay home full-time.
   Rebecca is my dearest and closest friend, dare I say BFF. We met when she started dating my friend Matt from church a few years ago. The Lord wasted no time knitting our hearts together.  Rebecca is my champion, prayer warrior, and fierce protector. I use to tell her she was my beautiful bulldog. I believe her heart was broken almost more than my own over my infertility. She tirelessly researched procedures or grants to help make my dreams come true. Even during the pregnancy of Amelia, Rebecca was an integral part. I remember so well at Amelia’s 6 month gestation imaging appointment, Rebecca, through tears of joy announced, “It’s a girl!!” as I hyperventilated with my head between my knees. She threw me the most amazing baby shower and she was there at 2 am to check Amelia’s position via ultrasound  when it was time to go to the hospital! She stayed with us until Amelia was in my arms. By divine situation just months before Amelia was born we ended up renting the house directly across from Rebecca. It was such  an amazing season. Henry had to be gone days at a time for work. Rebecca was my peace and and source of information for all my “new mommy concerns”.  We were neighbors for about a year and a half until Henry’s work brought us here to Bend, Oregon. I so treasure ALL the time we spent together in laughter and tears; often  simultaneously.

  I was amazed at Rebecca’s testimony and what the Lord had done in her life when we met.  I  remember her telling me she felt God was calling her to do something to help others who were still in bondage. Rebecca being the passionate, driven person she is, set herself immediately to the task. I remember her tears of frustration from trying to push doors open and make her way in her own strength. I remember the beauty of watching her surrender this powerful call to His timing, will, and strength. I was there to watch and pray about the trials of character and submission in the first seasons of the Lord opening the doors. She was tested  much and prevailed gracefully. To see the exponential increase of ministry the Lord has done in her life is astounding! I have been in awe of  how the Lord has made her to grow in favor with Himself and with men as her sphere of influence expands continually!  It has only been a couple short years since she heard the call. Now we are all gathered around her here at RBM to support her in this ministry and call!
  Setting  captives free physically and spirituality is paramount.  I was never called by the Lord specifically to Human trafficking.  I am however called to battle for the saints and captives through prayer and fasting!  I love what the Lord loves and hate what He hates. It is an honor and a privilege to stand with those who are answering the call! Blessings!