5 Things you didn’t know about Royal Births

In lieu of Christmas just passing, I thought it would be fitting to look at Royal Births.

5 Things you DIDN’T know about Royal Births:

1.  Typically, most royal heirs are born in the palace. Controversy surrounding a wet nurse sneaking in a son caused a law to pass that government officials must be present at the birth of a Royal Heir.

2.  Royals did not require a surname. They were simply to be called, “His Royal Highness ____________ of Cambridge.”

3.  They are baptized by water brought in from the River Jordan.

4.  Recent years have allowed Royals to birth in private wings of a hospital. They announced by a proclamation signed by doctors and placed on an easel in front of the palace. This same easel has been used throughout generations.

5.  There is a 62 gun salute from the Tower of London and a 41 gun salute from the park nearest Buckingham Palace.

Thinking of the many ways that cultures usher in the birth of the next king, the next emperor, it made me reflect how my King was ushered in and announced. God wasn’t taken by surprise that Bethlehem was booked. Quite the contrary. God chose to humble Himself and come to earth in the form of a baby. The most humble, helpless form. His son, the future King of Kings didn’t require a gun salute or special water to be brought in. No, he laid in a bed of straw surrounded by animals. He could have called ten thousand angels, not only to announce and proclaim his birth, but to take him off the cross. But He didn’t. Instead He chose, even through the torturous pain, to fulfill God’s plan for humanity.  When He said “it is finished” He meant it. He has finished fulfilling every part of the OT so that we may live under a new covenant.  What a humble beginning and an end for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  

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