4 Reasons Christians Shouldn’t Care SOOO much about SAME SEX MARRIAGE

4 Reasons Christians Shouldn’t Care About Same Sex Marriage

Do you want ammo to debate with a Christian on same sex marriage? What makes us Christians think about what we have been taught by our parents, or our Bible Study class, is looking at Homosexuality as any other “sin.” Now, I know this is where half of us start debating on whether its a sin or not… this is not YOUR debate non-believer. In God’s eyes, sin is sin regardless of what “type.” So your debate should be more like this:

  1. If we, as Christians are so concerned about same sex marriage, why don’t we show that much zealousness concerning fornication and pornography and adultery? I mean really, we have had bakers in multiple states refusing to bake a wedding (or ceremonial cake) for a gay couple, but did those bakers do as much research into the heterosexual couples they baked a cakes for too? Is that Groom molesting his children, cheating on his wife, or does he have an extreme addiction to porn? Did the bakers do research on these couples prior to agreeing to make them a cake? Now THAT is hypocrisy.

  2. Why are we, as Christians in church, making the pregnant girl who is out of wedlock, step down from choir but we don’t address the gluttonous pastor? Do we ask him to step down until he can get his food addiction and idolatry to food under control? Now THAT is hypocrisy.

  3. How can we, as Christians, not see that we have given our faith a really bad name over the last decade (or more) and start to ask ourselves how and why? How have “we” been so judgmental (even if it was unintentional) that we have caused people to walk away from the God of universe? How does one person and what they do and say have SO much bearing on someone’s belief in God? I mean, I promise you, I will always disappoint someone. I will do and say something that not everyone will agree with. Not everyone thinks that way, and so quite frankly, THAT is hypocrisy.

  4. Why are we not fighting OTHER things in this world as strongly as we are same sex marriage?

You see non-believing friends, if you want to prove your point, if you want us to question our motives and our zealousness against same sex marriage, mixing books will not do that. We will just roll our eyes, and know that you clearly don’t understand.

You want us to stop and think? Lets compare New Testament thoughts with New Testament actions. Ask us if we are that vigilant toward adultery and sexual immortality when it comes to child porn and sex trafficking, because statistically, the majority of THOSE issues are between heterosexuals.

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