“Where I Am From” by Emilee

This poem was written by a young lady and I wanted to share the bit of her heart that she shared with us.. with YOU:

“I’m from low cut grass, 
From rusty swing sets and climbing trees. 

I am from cherries hanging from high branches. 

I am from pea-gravel and mountain bikes that take
me over the hills and into the valleys.

I’m from irrigation creeks and muddy feet, 
from pink stuff and Dutch oli-bolin. 

I am from the “Yucaipas” to the “I-kuypas”, 
from the blame games and I didn’t do it. 

I’m from Brad Paisleys “Camouflage”, 
and Grandma Glori’s lion and tigers loop de loop. 

I’m from a half a mile long country lane, 
big tractors and muddy trucks. 

I am from small town and sweet church, 
And from family get-togethers that never tire. 

In my room hidden in nooks and crannies, 
I keep my journals with memories in side. 

I open a book and read my thoughts, 
reminiscing about the past that hasn’t been lost. 

And these memories make me who I am, they shaped me and changed me and look at me now.”


poem by Emilee from The Loft Southern Oregon

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