How Disney’s FROZEN Can Teach Your Kids About Human Trafficking

I love movies! I have not been able to visit a theatre in a long time because we have so many children, but we did recently get blessed with the new DVD: Frozen.

This is the newest hype; everywhere we turn, children are singing the songs, figurines and new toys and clothes are at every turn of Wal-Mart (yes, I shop at walmart, don’t judge).  My little girls absolutely love this show, which is fitting since they are sisters.  While watching this movie, I thought of a variety of ways we as parents, could use this to teach our children about trafficking.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we could spin the movie Frozen to visualize ANY argument, so this is with a light hearted smile today- but ANY tool to teach our kids and make it relatable and understandable is a plus, right?! So here we go…


1. Not everyone who claims to be interested in becoming your boyfriend is sincere.

2. Any attempt to fast track a relationship is a Red Flag!

3. There are people out there looking to prey on your vulnerabilities.

click to watch this 11 second fun clip

4. “True Love” does not always equal romance. Women are full of many forms of love. A girl’s value is not found in romantic love.

5. The Queen Troll said it best. Do not make a decision based off emotion.

Take some time to think things through, especially if your boyfriend is trying to fast track your relationship 😉

Got another valuable tool to teach your kids about trafficking? Comment below and share this with your friends who have children!