An Arrow In His Quiver

Have you felt called by God to do something great? Has He given you a vision for your future, placed a passion in your heart? Go ahead… think of it. Get that thing, that calling, passion and purpose; get that on the forefront of your mind. Got it?

Ok, in Isaiah 49:2 of the NLT, the latter part reads:

“I am like a sharp arrow in his quiver.”

Did you know in Biblical times, quivers were not packs that were carried on the backs of men stuffed full with arrows. No, that is the visual we usually get because most of grew up with Cowboys and Indians as our only visual. However, when the archers in the times of Isaiah had to take post to watch for threats, they kept their arrows bundled, ready at their feet.

Oh, you’re not hearing me beloved. God has a purpose for your life. He is sharpening you and preparing you to be launched into the calling that He has created you for. But before you can get sent, you must get at the archer’s feet. It is at His feet that you receive direction, preparation and care.

Don’t waste another minute, the archer is waiting for you.

Reference: The Bible Almanac: A Comprehensive Handbook of the People of the Bible and How They Lived Hardcover – December 31, 1980
by J. I. Packer (author), Merrill C. Tenney (author), William White Jr (author).