3 Ways to Live Undaunted in 2016

My name is Lexie. I am 24 and have absolutely no clue what I am doing in life. Can anyone else relate? What is not comforting is that I keep meeting 30-40 year old women who say the same thing. I was hoping to maybe master life. Instead I am learning to embrace the flailing feeling of taking life less bull by the horns and more like holding onto the bucking bronco for dear life. Not what I was expecting, but I am grateful for a God who has helped me become undaunted by my life assignments or circumstances.

I joined the RBM team Fall of 2015 absolutely floored that MY mentor who I aspire to be like wanted ME on her team. Not only that, she wanted me to operate her megaphone. Speechless and nearly needing a diaper, I accepted a part-time volunteer position as Rebecca Bender’s content coordinator absolutely daunted by the task ahead of me. In fact, I was so apprehensive it took me two months to start because I was too busy staring at what felt like an elephant I had to eat but couldn’t figure out how. I’m not sure who said it first, but I have heard the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

There were three things that helped me take the plunge into completely uncharted territory. I have absolutely no training in online marketing, content creation, or coordinating among multiple contributors besides what growing up as a millennial has granted me. The three things that have made me feel undaunted are finding my calling, community, and confidence


1) Finding your calling.

Those of us raised in a faith community are very familiar with the term calling. I always thought that there was going to be this crazy moment where God would literally come down and his booming voice would instruct me on exactly what I was suppose to do with my life and how I was to do it. That never happened, but I do not feel less in His will because MY expectation was not met. Turns out my calling was there the whole time in the form of a God-given passion that could never be quenched. That can look different for everyone. Your passion could be sales, music, marketing, statistics, writing, being a parent, mentoring, cooking, cleaning, speaking, inventing, etc. What I found is that my passions led me to my purpose.

Just because you are good at something, does not mean that gift is God-given.

— Lexie Smith

My love for people led me to pursue a degree in psychology, which prepared me for ministry as well as creating captivating content. I am passionate about many things, and so are you. Ask God to reveal those things, walk in them, and I can guarantee that you will find yourself right in the middle of your purposed calling. Be sure to compare your passions to His word. For example, stealing cars and selling them doesn’t exactly reflect the character of God or the fruit of the Spirit. Just because you are good at something, does not mean that gift is God-given. I can tell you from walking in good gifts vs God-gifts, you want to walk in God’s giftings, talents, and passions. Follow your God-given passions paired with the Holy Spirit and I can guarantee 2016 will be a year of feeling fulfilled.

2) Community

My community is what has championed me into my calling. It is the most important thing you can have. The enemy can pick you off easily when you are alone. It is those moments when the enemy is attacking you in any way (physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially, or spiritually) that we must have a solid community to surround us. A good community will be quick to encourage and cover you in protection. They will not exploit or use you for their gain. When confrontation occurs, it is always out of love. Your community should reflect the love of Christ. I would not be the person I am or where I am professionally without this kind of community consistently growing me. You can only be as strong as those you surround yourself with, so choose your tribe well. We all strive to blend in. It is part of survival as well as our human need to belong. You will reflect who you are around. If you want to be a great businessman or woman you need to put yourself around others who are great.


The best way to do this is to serve. The leadership team at my Church is amazing. I want to be like so many of them and get to know them so I started serving at every chance I could. Two years later most know my name and I am friends with many. Notice how much time I had to put into it. Community does not happen in a moment. It takes time and intentional energy to obtain a tribe worth letting your guard down to and doing life with. The effort is so worth it because no one is meant to do life alone or with just a few friends. You need input from all walks of life, especially those who are lightyears ahead of you so you can rise to their level. If you only put people who are in the same place of life and struggle how can you expect to ever get out of that pit if everyone you know is also in it?


3) Confidence

Pastor Steven is one of my most favorite, and he delivered a message on Protecting Your Confidence that I highly recommend you listen to. 2015 brought a lot of opportunity that I thought was way out of my league. I was on national television, training law enforcement, and now managing the media channels of my mentor. All year I struggled with feeling unworthy because of a million different disqualifiers ranging from my age to vocation. Thankfully, God qualifies the called. Problems occur when we don’t trust His decisions to entrust things to us. God does not need to be reminded of your inadequacy and flaws, trust me, He knows! He picks us anyway and provides the supplement of Himself where we fall short. Part of having faith in God and believing is trusting Him with every decision He makes even if we do not feel ready. Your circumstances might not give you a green light, but God’s signal is the only one you need to walk in your passions to fulfill your purpose calling today.Be confident. He meant to choose you. God does nothing by accident.

In the eyes of man, I have no business writing content for Rebecca, but she saw me through the eyes of God, with a calling and anointing to communication. Her friendship has caused me to rise to the promise of being able to do all things through Christ who gives me strength. When you realize your calling you will need a community that will help protect your confidence and champion you further into His will. I pray you find or further yourself in all of those things in 2016 to have the most fulfilling year yet.

Lexie is a graduate from Lee University with a degree in Psychology. She is a survivor of sexual exploitation as a child and now works as a national advocate and mentor to survivors. She joined the RBM team in 2015 as a member of the speakers team and content coordinator. 

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