How to have a Meaningful Christmas when you are Broke.

If you are reading this it is because you desire to give your children the best Christmas possible even if money is tight. When finances are tight it can feel hopeless. You may have feelings of failure and inadequacy as a parent or spouse. I could give you 30 ways to make this Christmas memorable. I could share with you 3 keys to budgeting this Christmas. Those are great topics and you should do an internet search for them. But presently what is on my heart for you is to say:

When finances are tight it can feel hopeless. You may have feelings of failure and inadequacy as a parent or spouse.

— Melanie Huggard

Well done and good on you! 

Well done, Mom, for searching out creative ways to make Christmas better!

Good for you, Dad, for not hiding, but looking for other ways to make Christmas matter!

You’re searching, looking for new ways, possibly better ways – and willing to learn. Here are the tips I really want to share:

Learn to celebrate the little things. Start with yourself! As the leader of your home you need all the support you can get. You need to be told you are doing a good job. So I am telling you now.

Good job!

You need to hear that you are going to get through this and your kids are going to be okay. They have you after all, right?! Not every parent is looking through articles and websites for ideas to make Christmas better. Your love for family is motivating you to find solutions to the problem that you are facing. Hopelessness can talk so loud that it immobilizes you.

Even by searching for answers and trying new things you are conquering hopelessness. There are others who are financially able to do things that we are unable to do for our kids. Do not think that someone else would do a better job with your kids. God gave them to you for a reason.

Which leads me to my next tip:

Remove comparison. It really is a killer of momentum, hope, and joy. You are on your own journey.

God is not disappointed with you. He does not see failure. He sees opportunity. Weakness is not a deficit, but a point of access for the grace of God. There are so many scriptures that cover this subject of human weakness and how God is not offended by it. The Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary says, Weakness facilitates dependence on God, cultivates the appropriation of grace, and ascribes all glory and credit to God (2 Cor 12:7-12).

What I am saying is – Give yourself grace! As a parent, spouse, and as a human being. You want the very best for your kids and for that to happen you have to know how to love yourself! You choosing to celebrate even the smallest victories and allowing your weakness to be a point of access for God will show you how very precious you are to Him.

Will you start with me today by doing an exercise? Go in the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say: “You are doing a great job! You are a good mom/dad! You are good at loving your family and this Christmas is going to be great!

Agree with the good, and see what you end up attracting. It may not be better finances, but it will help your inner world if you partner with it