here's what not to say to other denominations

I sat in my hermeneutics class my first year in seminary at Bethel University in Minneapolis. I was excited for the opportunity to dig into God’s word.  Professor Pam Howard had us do a brief yet amazing task that gave me a radical paradigm shift. She had the class group up by denomination: we had Reformist, Calvinist, Anabaptist, Egalitarian, Non-Denomination, Charismatic, Protestants, Baptist and more. Once we were paired off, we had to identify places in Scripture that validated the belief of the theology of the group sitting to our right.

Here we were, Christ loving Bible believing people with clearly different views on specific dogmas. As we went around the room and shared the scriptures that we had found supporting one another, it was clear that all of us had places in Scripture that proved the very theology we stood on. It was obvious that our own presuppositions, our own interpretation of the word had brought us to the belief in which we all held tight to. Could one or the another be wrong? Or could maybe all of us to be right?

Months later I was visiting a church and I heard a group of individuals mocking the supernatural and the church that believed in it. I was put off, not only because my own upbringing has led me to believe in the supernatural myself but because of the mockery of one another’s theology. Clearly, based on the activity I have learned from Professor Pam Howard, there are many parts of the Bible that validated all of our ideals.

I will leave you with this dear Christian friends; when we mock another believer, regardless of their specific dogma, we are mocking Scripture. we are mocking the very part of God that they adore. It’s one thing to say I don’t believe in that part of theology but I’m going to respect your view. Because you know what, God is big enough for all of us.