2 Survivor’s Stories, 1 Fight Against ISIS Sex Slavery

 Picture from DW news post
Picture from DW news post “‘IS’ militants abduct thousands of Yazidi women and girls” 

As we focus in on the fight against ISIS and their sex trafficking, through our prayers and sharing information with friends and family, we have come across many stories from survivors and we feel that it is important to share two of them with you all.

Amnesty International’s report on “Escape From Hell”, is a read we highly recommend for those who desire to learn more on this crisis. Both stories are from young girls that have escaped sex slavery from ISIS and are sharing with us a glimpse of what happens.

The first story is of a 16 year old girl who was “gifted” to a man twice her age. She described to Amnesty International:

“I was taken to Mosul and kept there all the time. First in a building which they called the maqarr (headquarters). We were about 150 girls and five women. A man called Salwan took me from there to an abandoned house. He also took my cousin, who is 13 years old; we resisted and they beat us. He took me as his wife by force. I told him I did not want to and tried to resist but he beat me. My nose was bleeding, I could not do anything to stop him. I ran away as soon as I could. Luckily they did not do anything to my cousin, did not force her to marry, and she escaped with me. I went to a doctor here, who said that I was not pregnant and didn’t have any disease, but I can’t forget what happened to me. It is so painful what they did to me and to my family. Da’esh (the IS)6 has ruined our lives. My mum gave birth while being held by Da’esh in Tal ‘Afar; now she is being held in Mosul with my little sister and the baby. My 10-year-old brother was separated from my mum and is being held in Tal ‘Afar with my aunt. What will happen to them? I don’t know if I will ever see them again.”


Amnesty International came across more stories of women and children that have escaped, some of them alone while others receive help from the outside to escape. Amnesty’s report “Escape From Hell” quotes:

“A 13-year-old girl who was held with her toddler sister in her captor’s home told Amnesty International she had not been abused and that her captor had actually saved her:

“He took me to his home and I slept in a room with his older wife while he slept in another room with his younger wife. The older wife was very nice to me. He said he had bought me because he felt sorry for me and wanted to send me and my little sister back to my family and indeed he did so.”

There is hope.

There is power in our prayers.

Our God is able!


But Jesus replied,

       “My Father is always working, and so am I.””

                                                                 John 5:17 (NLT)