#1 Way To Fight Against ISIS

 Photo from  Christian Today Journalist  
Photo from Christian Today Journalist  “The hardest prayer: why it’s time to #prayforISIS” 

This month RBM has been focusing efforts and prayers to Mosul, Iraq. In this city, now controlled by ISIS, women and children from minority religions like the Yezidis, are being sold into sex slavery. If you have stayed with us this far in prayer for those that are held captive in Mosul, I personally want to thank you. Thank you for not looking away, thank you for acting in your faith. We at RBM thank God for you all and pray blessings for you and your families.

I view this opportunity as one we see in scriptures in Hebrews 11:35, “Women received their loved ones back again from death.”

So much has been taken, innocence has been stolen, and this is a call to be bold- to be courageous. I have faith in our Father that He will give us victory. If God sacrificed His only Son, how could He not also give us victory?

When Jesus Christ died on the cross our old sinful ways died with Him, and when He rose, we rose with Him, made new. Through our faith, we can take back all of the innocence and life that the enemy has stolen.

It is time to rise and be bold, to sacrifice this façade of comfort we hold onto. For at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, and all of the lost and broken will be restored. A love that changes the world is found in Jesus, and as we rise with Him, we rise to victory. God has not forgotten the ones who have been taken by the enemy, and neither will we.


“These women and girls deserve to be treated with dignity. They deserve a life free from the injustice of forced marriages, repeated rapes, and being sold for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Please join us as we ask God to set the captives free from the grips of ISIS.” -Exodus Cry