How To Be A Voice For The Voiceless

  Source: Seivan Selim/AP/Press Association Images
Source: Seivan Selim/AP/Press Association Images

God has given RBM a unique platform to speak His truth from, as a survivor leader and faith based community fighting against sex slavery.

Just like He carried Israel on eagle’s wings so He did with our ministries.

RBM’s platform is founded in our unchanging and unmoving God. As we fight this good fight the enemy will try and stop us, prevent us from being bold for the One who saves us- Jesus. He calls us to defend the defenseless and care for the broken. By His grace, that’s what we do.

It takes courage to speak out, and we see that boldly displayed in God’s Word. Moses did not want to speak in front of the multitudes, but he did. And the result was the freedom of God’s people from slavery.

Do you think Booker T. Washington would have settled with the status quo of racism? Of course not, he would go on to teach and educate people on what an injustice it was to discriminate against people by the color of their skin or where they came from. It was wrong, and he was going to say something about it even if it made someone feel uncomfortable, because he saw the bigger picture. He saw what God was doing through him, restoring dignity and hope to an oppressed people.

So, in the same respect we can ask ourselves, when is it time to start speaking up for those who cannot defend themselves and have no voice?  

God’s precious children are being used and abused, and I will no longer stand with my back turned to them. God hears their cries and He answers them, He answers them through you and I, His servants. Through us He will rescue and restore everything that the enemy has taken. 

We all have to start somewhere, so where is that somewhere for you? God wants to use your voice, just like when he used Moses’s to tell Pharaoh, “Let my people go. He gave it to you with a purpose. Now, the question is, will you use it?


The best ways to use your microphone on this topic are:

·      Share on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Don’t forget to # it!)

·      Check out Erica Greve’s video “Use Social Media To Fight Injustices Worldwide” on Ted Talk! Click here to watch

·      Pray with us for the fight against sex slavery and share on prayer chains.

·     Give and donate to organizations that need your support, where your heart is where your treasure is!