What to do when Randy Jackson calls

It was regular day like any other when I got a call from a lady who said she was Randy Jackson’s assistant. She said he’d like to talk to me about my story and could we set up a call. I said yes of course. Well the time we agreed to came and went and I lost zeal. A few days later, I was on my way home from the gym. I was just barely unlocking my front door and unloading the baby, the diaper bag, the gym bag, etc… My two littles (3 and 4) were fighting over who got to pick the cartoon on TV while I started making lunch for everyone. Right then, my phone rang and a private number came up on the caller ID. Now, I get private calls often. As a mentor of sex trafficked girls, I get calls from FBI, police and the girls themselves, so blocked numbers are fairly common. I answered as I always do:

“This is Rebecca.”

“Hey Rebecca, Randy Jackson.”

 My heart started beating. This was it, he did call! His voice sounded just like he did on TV and it took all of my self-control to not say,

“Whats up dawg” as the comical person I am.

 I composed myself as if I was taking any other call.

 “Hey Randy, how you doing?”

“Is now a good time to talk?” he asked.

 My kids were fighting, the baby was hungry. Of course it wasn’t a good time, but who turns down Randy Jackson.

“Of course. Thanks for calling.” I proceeded as I pushed the mute button on my phone. I ran frantically for the kitchen, grabbed all the ice cream I could. I tore the lids off and threw them on the kitchen table, with a handful of spoons, who has time to count, double fist it for all I care.

“Lunch time girls” I yelled to my littles while I ran in the bedroom and shut the door.

A quick latch-on for my nursing baby and I unmuted right in time to answer his question… What did he say again?

This is how I work. Is it a nice little office with a nanny and personal assistant? Not yet. Do I get stuff done? Yes ma’am.

Randy and I had several calls after that and he seemed excited about taking on this project, “the next blindside. I’ll call Angelina” he said. But, after three calls, I never heard from him again. Oh well, God has other plans. His plans are to prosper me. Everything the enemy stole from me will be returned ten fold.

This year I signed a shopping agreement with iQ films… So stay tuned to hear more about the upcoming TV drama “Coercion” and pray it continues with momentum so that the networks will sign it within the next year!