8 Things Planned At The World Summit


This years Jimmy Carter World Summit took the anti-human trafficking movement to the next level. RBM’s founder, Rebecca Bender, attended this years World Summit helping facilitate break out sessions to create more power within leadership against HT.

Here are the 8 main points from this World Summits overall synthesis:

1. Engaging Law Enforcement and building political will.

  • Advocating for Law Enforcement Leadership to focus more on demand, shift policing practices, and move in the direction of both legs of the Nordic Model.

        (Click here for the Nordic Model fight against human trafficking.)

2. Scaling what is working at more organic level.

  • Replicating and scaling existing promising practices and spreading these efforts to more cities.  (Rebecca trains on promising practices if you want to bring her to your city, or stay tuned for an upcoming E-Course)

3. More coordinated efforts on a national level.

  • Invest in existing national coordinate efforts for law enforcement and focus on growing what is already working.

4. Changing state laws.

  • State legislative advocacy efforts to improve state laws towards the Nordic model and create the legal conditions where law enforcements more likely to focus on demand.

5. Turning attention to the next generation of law enforcement.

  • Influencing the attitudes of new incoming law enforcement through early training such as Police Academy, Chief of Police conferences and Sargent Exams.

6. Repeat and spread the AG Holder Letter in more settings- deterrence message from leadership.

  • Having the leadership of any group of entity send a letter to employees about buying sex.

7. Law enforcement role in better survivor support.

  • The 2nd leg in Sweden’s approach helping people exit prostitution by providing a more service centered model. We encourage Law Enforcement to reach out to their local survivor leaders for consulting and collaboration, or better yet, create a paid position for Survivor Advocates.

8. Innovative ways LE can build more cases against sex buyers.

  • The convening power of LE to host and facilitate working groups, coalitions, and task forces. This will include the discussion on going after the demand more than the trafficker. Yes, traffickers are bad, but often the first part of getting a girl to talk, is building relationship through busting her buyers. 

Working with leaders from all around the world, there is now more encouragement than ever before to ending this worldwide injustices.

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