We Dance

I heard this song by Steffany Frizzell. If you haven’t heard it, google “We Dance by Steffany Frizzell” on youtube. There is a line that says, “When my heart is tired and my hope seems lost. You turn me around and around and remind of our song, and we dance…”  


“Our Song” Have you danced with Jesus lately? Do you and Him have a special song?

I’d like to invite you to think for a minute about a song you and Jesus have that is special. One you know when you hear it, that it’s for you.

Well, I have one and one that probably would not make the list of anyone reading! In 2001, I was in the Victory Outreach Women’s Home. I had just given my life to God. I truly knew that God had saved my life and I was willing to give it back to Him to use as He wished, but that was about all I knew. One morning, in between prayer and breakfast, I went to my room to get ready for the day. As I stood there doing my hair, I heard so clearly out of nowhere a song by Enrique Iglasias. Now, don’t laugh but I had NEVER listened to Enrique when in the world, no offense Enrique, I was just more an Ice Cube, Easy-E, NWA kinda girl… But suddenly here I am in the bathroom and I hear so clearly, “I will be hero baby, I will take away the pain. You take my breath away.” It was clear to me that God was using whatever language I knew and understood to convey to me how He felt about me.  Today, I cant hear that song without becoming a puddle on the floor. Now, usually if my radio is on, it’s not on 90’s pop, but sometimes I youtube just so I can hear me and God’s song and I worship Jesus while listening. I change every word and me and Jesus, we just dance.

So I want to challenge you today: What is your song? What is the song that you and Jesus have that is special?


Dear Trafficker