How To Know God Is In-Control


I think God really enjoys showing me that He is in control- completely in control.

It began when I first found out about a trip to Iraq to work at safe home for women and children that had escaped from ISIS sex slavery. I didn’t know how or when exactly but I knew that He had placed the desire in my heart. 

As of lately my relationship with my Heavenly Father has been a bit of a British comedy show. Bloody crazy! 

[insert pre-recorded laughing here]

I didn’t find out I was going to Iraq until about a week before I needed to… well, be in Iraq. The interesting thing is how He teaches me. Just like Jesus never healed the same way twice our Father teaches us in all different ways


Everything last minute. 

Everyone so surprised that, yes, I was going to Iraq.

Everyone absolutely amazed (myself included) that all funds were raised.

God was just smiling- He is in control.


Moments like these when faith is built, and prayers are answered.

So far, my favorite moment while traveling to Iraq was my connection flight to Vienna.

I arrived in San Fransisco with time to spare. Actually, too much time to spare due to a delay. Which then lead to a steady decline of sanity because it became quite apparent that I was going to miss my connection in DC to Vienna then to Iraq. 

Arriving finally in DC I quickly find out that there is just no way I was going to make it. I was sitting in a shuttle waiting to be brought to the correct gate, angrily asking God why He had to make it so difficult, when a man comes up and asks me, “Are you going to Austria?”

“Yes, yes! Do you know if we’ll make?” I anxiously asked.

Now, picture a group of four people from all around the world, different accents, styles and endurances running, I mean running.

I felt like I was in some new indie film that never made it to the big screen.

We run past our gate and the sturdiest yells to us, “Vienna?”

Back track

Finally, we get to the desk and she begins checking us in one by one. Until, of course, she gets to me. She tells me, “Oh. I’m sorry ma’am but you’ll need to be reinstated, it looks like your ticket was cancelled.”


Of course, You just had to add one more thing!

By the time my ticket was reinstated and I had reached my seat, I don’t think you could have wiped the smile off my face. 

In the spirit I was shouting praises! 

There is no adventure like following Jesus, and it’s not even the life through human eyes I am only speaking about. 

Spiritually there is nothing more exhilarating. 




God let’s us go through turmoil not because He knows the beautiful outcome, but to prepare us.

I know He is preparing me for when things get real bad, when I can’t see a way out, when everyone has given up- myself included.

Then He will call to my memory all of the times it seemed impossible, and yet with Christ it was possible. 

You see, the same God that parted the Red Sea and saved Daniel from the lion’s den, is the same Father I seek everyday.

The same Love that protects me and knows me.

It only takes a willing heart- knowing He will carry you through, even when all odds are against you- He will reveal His powerful right arm. 

He is in control, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

“Take My yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you find rest for your souls. For my yoke us easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

Matthew 11:29-30


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