Spring in Your Spirit

Cereal. Broken glass. A dried up blueberry. Pine needles.

These are a few of my not so favorite things to find on the floor.  So I found myself sweeping them up, earlier today. It’s spring and I’m cleaning, so I can call it spring cleaning. And as crazy as it makes me seem, I’ll admit I like it (sweeping…not cleaning in general). I know that there are even unseen dust particles and germs I’m ridding my environment of.  With every stroke of the bristles, I am one stroke closer to righting a wrong…putting trash in its place. Would “domestic justice” be an overstatement? Maybe.

But not only am I exposing and piling up all the crud and getting rid of it, I’m leaving the kitchen floor crud-free. Clean. A fresh start.

That’s one thing I like about spring too. It’s a start-over season.

Is it spring in your spirit? Do you see growth, cleanliness, and new life? Or are you still spiritually living off of last season’s testimonies or outdated prophetic words?  When is the last time you went to the Father and thanked him for sweeping out the wrong thinking you’ve had, or the unseen particles of selfishness? Testimonies are timeless, but what if you sought reasons to testify of His goodness this week, every week, and looked for God to speak to you in new creative ways today? For me, He’s put new people in my life – and with them, new opportunities to explore prevention of exploitation by educating youth, many of whom are at risk. I’ve been waiting for opportunities like this to spring up since 2013!

It’s a fun thing to say of your life: 

It’s a new season. I wonder what God has in store. I wonder what stories I’ll tell my family as a result, and how we’ll laugh and praise. I wonder how it will play into the legacy I will leave. It’s a new season. I wonder how I’ll grow. What parts of my life will I let be swept away and trashed for good? I wonder what He’ll do with my new, clean heart, or what He’ll reveal to it.”

Try it the next time you sweep. Or better yet, every time you wake up and the morning sun shines into your room. Talk to your Father in heaven about what’s new or on the horizon for you. Ask Him to clean out anything outdated, show you where you’ve been “off”.  Get ready for spring in your spirit!