Metamorphosis of Life

As a Christian woman, I have a definite belief system that does not include evolution. Growing up in public school, I was taught evolution as fact and not theory. When I became a Christian in my twenties, I learned that there are other possibilities. Jesus had a beginning and an end in mind from the breath of creation! This is the perfect pattern for our own lives. 

When we begin a new endeavor do we have a clear direction? Do we just let life happen to us? I know that many times things seem to just “evolve” in my life. I don’t set out to do a task or project, I just somehow end up involved and the evolution begins. 

We can examine our lives and see that much of the time we start as one thing and, with purpose, change into another. We start as a single person then we are changed into a married person. We begin as a sinner then we become a saint. We get married and are a couple but many times we soon are transformed into parents. If we attend college we are a student with the expressed intention of becoming a graduate then an employee or business owner. Possibly, we are hired for a position at our company with the goal of promotion in mind. So we often begin as one thing but we have a clear and defined goal of change. 

This metamorphosis is an amazing pattern to live by. If we apply it to our lives we gain a direction and freedom to accomplish what we desire instead of simply allowing things to happen to us. If we accept where we are and look to what we want to become or achieve, then we can live with a direction in mind and the process of metamorphosis can then begin. Metamorphosis is not instantaneous. On the contrary, it is often a difficult and painful process. However, I wonder what a butterfly would say if asked to return to the ground. I wonder if the frog would prefer the confines of the water as opposed to the freedom to enter at will. 

What could we accomplish in our own lives if we began to live life intentionally? What could we achieve if we saw the end from the beginning? I challenge you to set a goal and live out the steps to attain that goal. See where you can fly. Watch the boundaries of your heart extend. Begin as one thing and metamorphose into another.