Wk2: Four Week Challenge

An old gospel song floated out of the car radio. Oh, this is my jam… I thought to myself, turning it up. As I sang along to God, I wondered where I knew this song from. Then suddenly it hit me. My trafficker used to play it in the house. No, I thought. No No No. It couldn’t be that a man full of so much evil would listen to gospel? When the Lord’s voice, clear as day, pierced me:

He is my son and I love him. I am not happy with his choices, but he is my son and I love him.

It took me a minute guys, I’m not going to lie. Are you sure God? That one?

A few years later, I was in ministry and I was hurt by another participant of that same ministry. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I can be just a little.bit.hood. I mean, like take my earrings off, hold my coat Jesus I’m about to fight this girl…. Oh wait, this isn’t how it works after you get saved? My bad–

So here I was at a mentoring event, with the very person who hurt me sitting at the table next to me. This wasn’t a situation where she didn’t know she hurt me. There was a, she did some shady stuff and she knew it so she avoided me, kind of tension in the room. As the pastor got up to preach his message, the Lord told me to write down three things:

1.    She is my daughter and I love her.

2.    Jesus died for HER.

3.    God has blessed her.

Boy isn’t it hard to hear that God loves your enemies? Maybe you can relate, maybe it’s just me. But from my abuser to the lady who did me wrong in church and everyone in between, God loves them. He died for them. He has blessed them.

Here is a challenge: Think of someone that has hurt you – emotionally or physically – and write their name down during your quiet time with God this week. Under their name, write the three things above. Then, pray for them. Don’t allow bitterness to take root in your heart. It becomes like a wild weed that festers its way into your entire garden. Don’t just do this for them. Do it for you.