A Call to Valor

What would you say if I told you that we can change the world? This is a call to action to every man across the globe to rise up and be a man of valor; a man of Christlike forgiveness and understanding; the man God has created you to be.

Our world is suffering a tragedy. Men, we treat our women like trash. We are cowards. Here is a story taken from the pages of history that will pierce your heart.

Picture the following scene. A woman walks into a room in a small home somewhere in the outskirts of Judea. She is trembling and shaking with fear. Sweat is pouring from her brow as she carries a large jar of expensive ointment that she has purchased just for this occasion. As she enters the room she sees a man sitting and talking to one of the local “religious” men of the area. She knows that the man seated is the Son of God Himself and that He can heal her of all her past pains and sufferings, all her insecurities and fears, and yes her sins too. She steps ever so carefully as her legs begin to buckle from the swelling torrent of emotions swirling through her heart and mind. She falls at His feet and begins to weep in torment. Her tears fall in what seems like buckets upon her Saviors feet as she takes her long beautiful hair and proceeds to wash the feet of the man who can help her in one of the most valorous acts of humility ever recorded in the history of the universe.

The religious man condemns her. He is this coward I wrote of. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, begins to share a parable with the man and in turn condemns him, for he has not the love of God. It is this woman who has been blessed by that most miraculous gift; love.

This is the story of Mary of Magdalene, the most famous prostitute in history. Most men read this history, and think that she was only crying because she felt bad for the things she had done in the past. But I am here to tell you that this was not the case.

Prostitution is not a glamorous life. It is about heartbreak, pain, and agony; it is about the epic destruction that us men wreak upon society with our lusts and perversions.

Perhaps her tears were the result of memories of when she was kidnapped as a child and sold as a sex slave where she was drugged just to keep her quiet as men had their way with her. Perhaps some of these memories were not her own but stories of others she knew that suffered a similar fate. Maybe her best friend had her tongue removed with a soldering iron because she wouldn’t stop complaining about her captors sexual demands. I realize that these words are hard to swallow, as they should be, but they are not just my imaginations. These are actual events that have tragically happened to women in the recent past. But we need to hear them. As Jesus said, “the truth shall set you free.” Only through truth and education in the right ways of life can change be affected.

I ask all of you men a question? Where does your heart lie? Do you value your wife? Do you treat her with the respect and honor God commands us to give them? Do you teach your daughters about her place in God’s plan and her value as a growing woman? Or do you go along with the flow and allow your lusts to consume you? The wrong treatment of women causes their hearts to be cauterized. They lose the ability to feel proper emotions and also lose the capability to love. They also lose the ability to view sex as one of the most awesome gifts our Creator has given us. Only God can begin to heal a woman’s heart but it’s up to us men to be His willing and humble vessels.

God said that when a man finds a wife he has found a good thing, but I ask you this. What will we do when all of our women have been scarred by abuse and the devaluation that comes from us viewing them as sex objects? What will we do when we no longer have the help meets that God created us to have in our journey through life? What will we do when our daughters no longer have a proper family life? I tell you what will happen because it already is happening. Our society is crumbling everywhere around us because of the breakdown in family. If we continue in this tragic course we are truly doomed.

So I call you to action oh you men of Valor. Value your wife and love her. Treat her with the respect and honor that she deserves, especially if she has a past that requires mercy. Teach your daughter about her role in God’s plan. And above all love, forgive, and be the Godly man that He has made you to be. We can do this gentlemen; we can do all things through Christ’s love, mercy and power. Don’t wait for the next man to begin because it will never happen. Do it now oh faithful reader, and do it with every ounce of power and might that our great God will infuse us with if we only take that first step. Our women need us. Our world needs us. Let’s affect the change and be the solution. May God’s power be with you and guide you along the way, oh Man of Valor!