Voice for the Voiceless…

A voice for the voiceless…..

Did you know that Proverbs 31:8-10 commands us to be a voice speaking up for the cause of those who are silenced, judging righteously and requiring justice for the poor and needy?

When I look this up in the original text, it is saying to SPEAK! Do not be silent, but use your whole voice, collectively, speak with one voice in condemnation of injustice/for the cause of the afflicted and abandoned.  

Notice it does not say to be their voice. Rather it commands us to recognize the plight of the less fortunate, the abused, abandoned, orphaned, and afflicted, and plead their cause, make it known, demand justice.

It calls us to stop turning a blind eye, to awaken indifference, and to do something. Right now all around the world, there are organizations and people who are actively doing things for these groups of people. They see the issues, they recognize the injustice, they long for change.

As a fellow human, and as a survivor of human trafficking, I applaud and stand with them, with you. And it is in that oneness that I ask this simple thing. Stop saying you are a voice for the voiceless. Rather, say you stand in solidarity with the oppressed. They have a voice. It may currently be silenced, disenfranchised, or be surrounded by people who won’t listen, but they have a voice.  

Let us empower their voices and, as those fighting for justice and assisting them, let us welcome their voices, so that we, collectively, will have a stronger one.  When those recognizing oppression and the previously oppressed come together as one, our voice is mighty, strong, and unstoppable. It calls out for justice, and it speaks to the oppressed, showing them they are worthy, valuable, and accepted.

Let our voices say, We stand with you!  We speak against this!  We demand change!

Kathy Bryan is a speaker, trainer, mentor, survivor leader and currently serves as Program Director and speaker team member for RBI.