Healing and Justice Through Intercession

I feel as though most days I cannot escape or get away from my past like I used to. It is just not the same. The fire inside of me is burning intensely for justice, but do you know what greater agony is burning inside of me?

Maya Angelou says it best. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

As new pain has entered, I have wrestled with my story for the past several years. It feels as though I am constantly bombarded with reminders of my past that I cannot get away from. Also because of shame, the past often tries to grip me in its cruel claws.

Everytime I get mail from the Dept. of Corrections my heart sinks, my face gets hot, and I become physically ill. I am 28 years old and have been in connection with them since I was 15. It is a never ending thing, and will continue on for several more years as people are released, moved, or continue to make terrible choices.

With all of this said, I had a revelation yesterday while Satan was trying to pull me down with loneliness, dread, and fear. A revelation that really shifted some thinking. I started thinking about intersession.

(((((((in·ter·ces·sionˌ in(t)ərˈseSHən/noun—the action of intervening on behalf of another. “Through the intercession of friends, I was able to obtain her a sinecure.” Synonyms: meditation, intermediation, arbitration, conciliation, negotiation; More the action of saying a prayer on behalf of another person. “Prayers of intercession.”))))))

When we hear from God and pray specifically for a person or situation from God’s heart it is not only effective, but I found out something else about it… intercession has the power to change things. REALLY change things. Our prayers and words have power in Jesus name! Not only are you getting it off your chest, you are giving it to the Lord, and doing something constructive with your pain and situation.

Recently I shared with some students my story of surviving DMST and CSE and then we went to different locations in the city and interceded for the issue. We first went to a Super 8 hotel, where we walked up and down the halls praying over every room and every person who will occupy these rooms. Then we went to a high school and did the same thing. Then we went to a park. Each location we went, I felt like a warrior with the Lord. Taking a stand against the darkness with the power of Jesus inside of me. Inviting in light, nowhere for the enemy to hide, etc..

This was the first time I truly felt like a warrior and not a victim. Intercession is on behalf of others but has truly empowered me at the same time. I am not saying I will remember to intercede every time there is a bad situation, but I am going to try. It will take practice, especially with life’s challenges continuing to happen.

So, with this said. I believe that intercession not only changes situations but also brings healing and justice to your heart in the process. It is another practical thing that we can do in the fight against injustice.

Thank you, God, for revelation, more healing, and even mail that reminds me to get on my knees and change things with intercession.

My name is Joy. I am a warrior. I like to have coffee dates with friends, draw, write, and hike. I am a recent graduate of RBI’s Elevate program and am SO thankful for their support. I am a survivor of DMST. I have come a long way and have a passion to fight against this injustice that so many endure.