5 Easy Ways to Train on Trafficking in Your Community

Have you ever wanted to train the police on trafficking? Do you see a need for medical professionals (nurses, ER doctors, pediatricians, planned parenthood or pregnancy care centers) to know the warning signs of trafficking in your community? How about the local homeless youth shelter, domestic violence shelter, or other groups serving already at risk populations? Or lastly, what about the church- youth groups, women’s groups, and other ministries wanting to do outreach to those trapped in the commercial sex industry?


1.     DESCRIBE WHAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS—this can be done one of two ways: create a slide show (use powerpoint and if you’re really fancy remember to BRAND it with your organization logo, colors and font) that defines trafficking and describes the many ways that it can look in communities. (Another tip: read Polaris typology report for more info on the many subsets OR you can simply open the training with your logo and then hit PLAY on our HT101 25 min DVD and use our handouts for tips and tools on this foundational component.)

2.     After HT101 is described by you or by us, MAKE A BRIEF SLIDESHOW OF THE LOCAL PROBLEM. That’s right, tell people the numbers and issues in your. Own. community. What does it look like around YOU?

3.     Now is the easy part—take out our Training Kit again and plug in the 30 min USB that is industry specific. We have four options: Law Enforcement, Medical Professional, Community Service Providers, and Faith Based. Each USB not only includes a professional 30 min video training, but has a TON of resources and handouts that you can print out (or email to save paper) that will be very specific to each industry.

4.     After you’ve addressed the problem, now you can step in and INSPIRE your crowd to ACTION. What’s their solution? This is where you have the chance to highlight your organization. Your mission, your programs, how you are helping your community, and ways they can partner with you!

5.     Lastly, field questions. Open it up to Q&A or better yet, snap a picture and post it with the hashtag #ChangeCulture and tag us @ImRebeccaBender

This training can be 60-90 minutes based on how long you plan steps 1-2, and how long you take on #4.

TRAINING TIP: Want a tip from a professional speaker? You can estimate how long your training will be by the number of slides you use. If your Local Problem portion is 7 slides, it will take you about 7 minutes if you stick to your script. This will help keep you on track for a 60-90-minute goal.

Go get ‘em! Become the expert and go to in your community today… oh, but don’t forget to pick up your training kit 😉

Rebecca Bender is a nationally recognized and awarded expert on domestic sex trafficking. After escaping nearly six years of both labor and sex trafficking, she emerged as a Survivor Leader, providing consulting, training and speaking with some of the largest anti-trafficking groups and government agencies in the country, including FBI, Homeland Security , and former president Jimmy Carter. After writing her first book, Roadmap to Redemption, she founded the Rebecca Bender Initiative.