Permission Slip

Freedom. Such an interesting concept, idea and force. Everybody wants it, but so few truly have it. Off and on in my life, I have had an awareness that I was meant for more, for something bigger. Years ago, I remember getting a picture during my prayer time. I could see down the road of my life, this huge beautiful thing that I was called to. It was looming, and felt like a big responsibility and I was afraid of it at first. I always thought it was some sort of calling, or position, and yes, that is what it was, but not the kind I thought. I thought I was to be called into some sort of career, like a teacher, author, designer or maybe some large destiny that would be the end all, and be all of my existence. However, as I considered all of this, I started to feel enlightened as to what that thing might actually be………..….Freedom.

Freedom isn’t only being free-from something. It is not only being freed into something.  It is a calling, it is a destiny.

I decided to look up the word FREE. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary: Eleventh Edition, the definition of FREE is: not bound, confined, or detained by force not restricted by or conforming to conventional forms. Another dictionary used the phrase “not controlled by another”. The definition of the suffix DOM is, a state of being or rank of. For me, these definitions were confirming my thoughts.

Freedom is a state of being, a place of ranking, and therefore a responsibility. I was realizing all the places that I needed this understanding to sink in. So I started writing a letter to myself based on the many definitions that were under the word FREE. After writing it, I realized this letter is not only to myself, but it is a letter to my children, and my children’s children, my legacy.

I’d like to invite you into that legacy, and share this letter with you. Especially those who have been oppressed, looked over, put down, parentless, and felt abandoned. I am asking you to let me be a voice, a nurturing mother’s voice right now. Let me speak words of life over you, let them sink in deep. Read it over and over until it feels real for you, add your own name, read it out loud!

You are a child of God.

You, my dear child, are capable of choosing for yourself. You are a powerful and wise child who knows the Father’s’ voice, His heart, and His intentions. That He is working for your good, always speaking, and putting you in the very best places the kingdom has to offer, even when you don’t understand. His intentions are forever good, and eternally loving toward you.

Freedom is a state of being relieved from lacking something and especially something unpleasant or burdensome. You get to be free! Free from control, and feeling controlled, even by your own negative emotions because you are powerful. Not that you won’t have trials, heartbreaks, and struggles, but this is not your atmosphere, this not your lot in life. In the midst of those things, you get to choose. You get to choose how you are going to respond and what you will do with your pain. I want you to remember, this is only temporary. This too shall pass. You were born to win! You were born to overcome!

It is for freedom He set you free. You are not obligated, but exempt from the conventional, liturgical formulas religion would want to place on you. Relationships are your priority. You carry the rank of one who uses their freedom to pursue life, love, and joy in the Holy Ghost, not bound, confined, or detained by force…for that is NOT His way. If you feel this, it is not from God. Reject that, and send it back to where it came from.

Spontaneity and freedom are a breeding ground for creativity. Creativity is the playground of life. Find spontaneity when you’re bogged down by routine. Listen to freedom when you feel bound up by self-imposed and other-imposed expectations. Use them to make space for creativity and hang out for a while. God first declared Himself as Creator, learn to create with Him in play, in business, in relationships. Remember “the only limits are those we place on ourselves” (Bob Proctor).

Child, you are not to conform but are released to unfathomable depths and heights. “Permission granted” is written upon your heart. Please, for all of our sakes be uniquely you.

When it comes to the law of sin and death, you have diplomatic immunity. Do not be confined to a particular idea, position or place but liberated to flow in and out of His expression of who you are. Being his kid is where you will find your highest calling into love! From this place, your scope of influence and impact is not limited by your knowledge. You do not need a list of qualifications, for love qualifies you.

Be free, walk in that state, it is your ranking.


Melanie Huggard has a passion to help people grow, learn, and overcome. As a life coach, Melanie loves walking with people through life’s challenges as they discover the greatness they have inside themselves. Melanie uses her advanced administrative skills to coordinate RBI’s programs Equip and Elevate, and is one of the first points of contact at the Rebecca Bender Initiative. In addition, Melanie is married to a wonderful man, has 3 children, and has attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

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