Dear Trafficker

Dear Trafficker,

I am human, just like you. Why did you view me as an object? Is this what you were taught? Were you afraid that you wouldn’t be able to make a living any other way?
Were you desperate?
Did you have a sex addiction? Were you consumed by a need for power and control?

Was it greed?
How did you become a trafficker?
Do you think that what you are doing is wrong? Are you sorry?
Do you ever feel bad for what you have done?

I often think, if I had the chance to ask you these questions I might not like the answers.
I also think, what if you were sorry for what you have done? What if you wanted to do anything you could to make it right?
Would I forgive you?
Do I forgive you now?

I am free from the bondage of the sex trade. I am priceless.
I am healing.
I am alive.

I am hopeful about the future. I am operating out of my gifts. I am able to love others well. Possibilities are endless.

I am free. Are you free?

Jenn Martin works at Rethreaded as a Survivor Mentor, a non profit providing viable and creative employment to domestic survivors. As Survivor Mentor, she works closely with the clinician and other support staff, using her expertise to provide immediate care and mobile direct services support to survivor employees. Jenn is also passionate about using creative expression to facilitate healing. She works as a facilitator at Hope at Hand, a non profit that provides art and poetry sessions to underserved populations.