Get excited with us as we break new ground.

• Did you know our country is about to legalize prostitution in seven states? RBI is at the forefront of this epidemic. We are a part of a core candidacy committee working with advocates, elected officials and journalists to push the largest ever campaign to presidential candidates, educating them on why buying a human being is inherently harmful.

• RBI is a member of the National Advisory Committee, which is creating a report for all of Congress to use in their states, identifying 11 areas where policy needs to change and grow.

• RBI also serves on the Oregon Dept of Justice and Southern Oregon Task Force, where we are helping our state ensure best practices are happening boots on the ground in every county in Oregon.

 • RBI is launching new podcasts with guests that will share their stories of overcoming all different types of hardships to pursue their purpose. We believe these stories of inspiration can inspire many others to do the same.

• We are equipping churches and individuals to fight trafficking with tools such as Find Your Lane, a video series, study guide and an interactive quiz that will prepare you to find your place in fighting human trafficking.

• Rebecca’s new memoir In Pursuit of Love comes with a downloadable discussion guide and many other resources so you can pursue purpose and justice too. We want to get in the hand of every survivor, every safe home and church so that they know that their past doesn't determine their destiny.

• RBI will continue hosting live events and mini-workshops for survivors and women overcoming trauma. No one should feel like they have to be trafficked to get help overcoming hardship and we're here to help.