Equipping America to identify and respond to human trafficking.

Speaking & Training

It’s good to know. It’s great to act. But in order to make the biggest impact, we must bring the two together. That’s where Equip comes in. We train first responders across America to identify and respond to victims of exploitation. We also assist law enforcement on case investigations and trial. We’ve trained over 100,000 professionals across America and have a team of survivor speakers who share their stories and experiences. Here are some organizations we’ve consulted for or spoken to:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dept of Justice
Office of Victims of Crime
The EPIK Project
Homeland Security
Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Crisis International
Exodus Cry
Shared Hope International
Polaris Project
And many more


Through keynote addresses and speeches, we tell our story. We share the collective and the individual testimonies, the survival and the toll it took, the prevention stories and the rescue stories. After all, when we see what others have been through, we know what we have to do. Let us share our story with you.


Often we know we need to do something, we just don’t know what that something is. That’s where we come in. Through one-on-one/small group consultation, team training, and group workshops, we will equip you with the practical next steps in this fight for freedom.

Faith Events

We are firm believers in Jesus Christ and believe that it was for freedom that He set us free. The freedom for ourselves, and for others. Whenever we get the chance to tell our story through the lens of scripture and spirit, we are honoured and expectant that others will find their own freedom.

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"Rebecca Bender is one of the most important and influential survivor leaders in the anti-trafficking movement today. Her expertise has been called upon to shape the views and practices of law enforcement, front-line practitioners, and communities of faith. She has helped pave a way for this movement to become a mature and effective force in bringing freedom and healing to those who are oppressed. Her work with Exodus Cry has been transformative, and I am deeply indebted to her for her wisdom, service, and guidance."

Benjamin Nolot, CEO/Founder & Filmmaker

"This was a great training. I’m already trying to make changes on the way we handle these cases."

Special Victims Unit (Mesa, AZ)

"Today my eyes were opened. A young woman arrived to my ER by the fire department. Immediately, I remembered the things you mentioned about identifying victim of trafficking and I realized that I was actually looking at a victim. Thank you opening my eyes to what I have been missing for years."

ER Nurse (Chicago, IL)

Meet Our Speakers

Kathy Bryan

Director of Operations, Speaker, Survivor Leader

Heber Springs, Arkansas

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Kathy Bryan

Director of Operations, Speaker, Survivor Leader

Kathy Bryan is currently our Director of Operations and was Elevate Director and Lead Mentor for several years, using her lived experience and wisdom to guide hundreds of students as they navigated their healing journey.

A respected international speaker, consultant, mentor, and author, she works tirelessly to communicate the stark truths of trafficking. Kathy has trained thousands of professionals on how to identify and respond to those victimized by human trafficking, including medical personnel, Homeland Security, anti-trafficking organizations, and churches, to name a few.

Kathy is driven by a belief that all people should live in freedom; a belief held long before she survived two years of sex trafficking as a teen. She is a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign, has testified several times before the Arkansas Congress resulting in the passage of three new laws, a member of both the National Survivor Network and the Survivor Leader Institute and serves on the board of Into the Light.

Her personal experience with sex trafficking has been featured in The Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College, an internationally recognized repository of women’s history, Charisma magazine, the short VR film by 27Million, along with various features on tv, radio, podcasts, and blogs.

Angie Conn

Program Coordinator, Mentor, Speaker- Elevate Academy, Survivor Leader

West Virginia

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Angie Conn

Program Coordinator, Mentor, Speaker- Elevate Academy, Survivor Leader

Engaging audiences with her dynamic presentations and interactive training, Angie Conn strives to freely express her insight and knowledge to those who desire to learn from her experience as a survivor of domestic sex-trafficking, abuse, and addiction. Her authenticity, joy, and resilient spirit captivate her listeners. She not only ignites a renewed hope that healing and wholeness after trauma are possible but, provides tools to implement change. Angie has a natural gift of encouragement, she is passionate and determined to reach out whenever and wherever she can.

Angie serves as Program Coordinator, Speaker, and Mentor for Rebecca Bender Initiative. She sits on both the National Survivor Network, the WV Human Trafficking Task Force and serves as an Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International.  As an international speaker and consultant, she has collaborated with multiple agencies and organizations, including the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign. In 2018, she was Awarded the ‘Special Courage Award’ by the United States Attorney Southern District of West Virginia for being a champion for victims and survivors of human trafficking in her home state.

An adventurer at heart, you can find her hiking in the mountains, relaxing in her hammock, or enjoying aerial yoga. She also loves being at home with her husband of seventeen years, Elisha, and their three amazing children. Up next on her adventure list, hiking the Appalachian Trail.


Rebecca Bender, CEO & Founder, Survivor Leader

Rebecca thought she found her fairytale when she moved to Las Vegas with her boyfriend. But her dream became her nightmare when her boyfriend became her pimp at the age of 18. Trapped in a life of chaos, coerced into prostitution, abused and controlled by her trafficker, Rebecca was forced into sex trafficking for nearly 6 years. Many attempted escapes, two brandings and several pimps later, Federal Investigators raided the home, allowing her an eventual avenue for escape.

These days, Rebecca can be found either telling her story or helping others tell their own. Her trainings on this underground world are highly sought after by FBI, Homeland Security, undercover, SVU, former presidents, medical professionals, prosecutors and anyone else who has heard her name. She speaks on leadership and founding non-profits, serving on the board of Exodus Cry, is a member of the Survivor Leader Institute and serves as Co-Chair on the DOJ Human Trafficking Advisory Council.

When she’s not being a boss in the boardroom, speaking on stage, or trying to find the nearest Starbucks, Rebecca can be found at home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest…in sweats and with a top knot. Her home is the prize for Rebecca and she loves nothing more than a slow Saturday with her four amazing daughters, one handsome husband, and wondering whether it’s time to get a puppy.