Integrating Self-Care Into My Day


This is Tammy and I am so honored to blog for RBI!

This blog is about self-care and what does that look like in this time of crazy, busy, and hectic times that we live in.

For me, self-care is every day in everything I set out to do. My typical day starts off with self-care. You got that right I start my day with self-care. You must be thinking really who does that ???? !!!! I do because it sets the tone for the rest of my day. To practice self-care for me it is as simple as thanking the Good LORD that I am awake and able to get out of bed.

Next thing I do that is for sure my most favorite self-care practice is to take my little doxie Frankie for morning walk. Here in Hawaii the sun rises at 5:45ish each day in the summer so it is really nice to get out in the fresh air and take a walk in my neighborhood. Of course, as most of you do, hygiene is a self-care practice that I do every morning as well.

On my way into the office, I listen to our local Christian radio station. Sometimes I listen to the radio talk show with Pastor Greg Laurie or Pastor Mike Kai, somedays I just wanna rock out with Jesus so I turn the dial to the Shaka and Sonshine Morning Show with Sam & Tisha on 95.5 da Fish. I love to worship the LORD as I travel over the Pali to downtown Honolulu. This is self-care and it sets me up for the day. What I have found is that if my attitude, spirit, mind, and heart are in alignment to what I believe, my work day naturally flows from the overflow of God’s presence.

Then there are times when I need to totally unplug. That is the time to recharge to shed the things that have been weighing me down like unforgiveness, anger, or hurt. This type of self-care requires me to get away from everyone and work on my heart condition. Yes, I do realize I let the concerns and hectic pace of life get me down and in the way of my good health good judgment and reactions can begin to get ugly. So this then becomes the time that I go to the beach! I love the sand in my toes, the salt water over my entire body as I dive into the deep blue ocean. I love the sun shining on my face!

Getting my eyebrows done is another self-care practice for me. Feeling good about my appearance is important to me. Sometimes I just pause and paint my nails at my desk. If anyone passes me by I say “oh this is my self-care practice.” Loving myself and taking care of my needs allows me to be the best wife, mom, sister, friend, and co-worker I can be.

I want to give of the overflow of my life. As I allow Jesus to heal and pour love into me I will pour out love to those around me. This is self-care!

At the end of a long day plopping in front of the TV and just allowing my brain to absorb a funny show is also good for me as well. sometimes I just need to get out of myself and see some funny comedy so I can laugh. Yes, I believe laughter is healing and I love to laugh!!!

I hope this reaches you and you are able to relate and realize we all need to take care of ourselves and it can be as simple as walking your doggie.

Disneyland is also a great self-care option. Let’s give thanks in little things and give thanks in the big things!

Stay Blessed! Much LOVE & Mahalo! Tammy

Tammy (CSEC Survivor, Volunteer, Advocate, and Community Outreach Manager) is a wife to Jonny,  mother to Chad and her furry baby Frankie Boy, sister to Jo and many brothers. She is a friend to many & is a leader at her home church Legacy Christian Church located on the Island of Oahu.  She is a full charge bookkeeper for a prominent Honolulu law office. Tammy is a volunteer for Hoʻōla Nā Pua (A New Life for Our Children) a Hawaii-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide renewal of trafficked girls who have been commercially sexually exploited (CSEC) through a comprehensive and holistic approach to Health, Education, Advocacy, and Reintegration. Tammy oversees the Annual Gala and Golf Tournament and as the Community Outreach Manager, she coordinates speaking engagements, awareness events, and fundraising events. In addition, she uses her powerful testimony to convey the reality and scope of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Hawaii islands.