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"Entertainment is one of the greatest tools we have to change a culture..."

Rebecca Bender

"Rebecca is amazing. Her organization is one of the best in the country at rehabilitating survivors and getting them job ready... She is the true leader in this space."

Ashton Kutcher

"Rebecca Bender is one of the most important and influential survivor leaders in the anti-trafficking movement today. Her expertise has been called upon to shape the views and practices of law enforcement, front-line practitioners, and communities of faith. She has helped pave a way for this movement to become a mature and effective force in bringing freedom and healing to those who are oppressed. Her work with Exodus Cry has been transformative, and I am deeply indebted to her for her wisdom, service, and guidance."

Benjamin Nolot, CEO/Founder & Filmmaker

"Today my eyes were opened. A young woman arrived to my ER by the fire department. Immediately, I remembered the things you mentioned about identifying victim of trafficking and I realized that I was actually looking at a victim. Thank you opening my eyes to what I have been missing for years."

ER Nurse (Chicago, IL)


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