Christine Musillo

Christine was a victim of childhood familial trafficking at a time when the word “trafficking” did not exist. As an adult she began the process of healing as well as discovering she was not just a victim of sexual abuse, but also a victim of trafficking. This healing adventure opened up a whole world of knowledge in this industry, assessing vulnerabilities, as well as absorbing solutions on living successfully as a Survivor. This journey compelled her to learn the truth about human trafficking and start becoming an answer to her community rather than a voiceless victim. After hearing Rebecca Bender speak, her desire was ignited deeper to make a change and help fellow victims. She has now worked with Rebecca Bender Initiative as a key team member facilitating change in culture and personal lives. Her exploitation as a child gives her empathy and compassion to motivate others to help make a change.

Christine has participated in over 120 hours of intensive training on trauma through the San Diego County Social Services, including, the understanding of a childhood victim trauma, Medical training, Social Services training for trafficked victims, Law Enforcement trainings and trauma informed care trainings.