Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall is a woman passionate to see God’s kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven. As such, she is unsettled with any injustice reigning on a throne in this world, that rightly belongs to Jesus. She is a passionate, prophetic intercessor who believes prayer is our mightiest weapon against anything that would exalt itself above the Lord, including that of human trafficking and exploitation.

Her life has been touched by abuse of multiple facets, both personally and her affecting family members. As the daughter of a human trafficking survivor, Lauren is personally invested in seeing the end of human trafficking across the globe. She is honored to be able to join with RBI’s mission by covering them in prayer.

Lauren and her husband are raising their five children in Arkansas. They are a natural-minded, homeschooling family. She is studying to become a midwife and herbalist, but is most passionate about personal family revival and having a spirit-filled atmosphere in their home. Therefore, most of her time is spent there, pouring her love and prayers into those around her.