Melanie Huggard

Melanie Huggard is a life coach who helps you unveil the best within yourself, and discover how to take the next steps toward your best life! Melanie’s intuitive skills really blossomed as a wife and mother, leading her to BSSM’s two-year program. After completing the counseling and coaching tracks at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, she started coaching. She quickly discovered natural collaborative talents, keen insight, intuition, and empathy were tools that served her clients, and herself well. Together with her education and life experiences, a deep wisdom is found that assists her clients in shifting perspectives and reigniting hope. When not coaching, Melanie spends her time with family, friends, and writing her first book.

What Others Are Saying:

“I have loved my sessions with Melanie. I have felt understood, heard, and challenged but never shamed or hurried. She consistently unlocks things inside of me by her insightful questions. Melanie has been kind and gentle as we have made our way through hurtful memories.”  – Sherah, Life Consultant

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