Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson is a committed Christian with a heart to serve God and His kingdom with his time, treasure and talent.  The Peterson’s have attended Gateway Church over the last ten years. He and his wife Rachel reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as they operate Praus Construction, a thriving and successful business in Texas.

Scott developed a heart to serve as an intern in a Dream Center program in Seattle.  His desire to serve has continued as now his commitment is to fight sex trafficking. They both have a passion to see Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking stopped in the United States. Rachel and Scott have attended Shared Hope International’s JuST Conference in Washington D.C.  It is there they became aware of the work that is needed to be done.  It is also where Scott signed the Defender pledge designed by the men of Shared Hope.  It is through that training they decided to become an active part in fighting human trafficking.